How to Deliberately Practice and Improve your Golf Game

Golf is a sport that is not as physically demanding as other athletic endeavors. Still, it is a legitimate form of competition and does require some athleticism. Players know that practice is the key to achieving victory and winning matches. This underlying principal is a universal truth to all sports. This is why all athletes (regardless of what sport they play) will consistently practice their skill. Golfers are no different.

It is a known fact that many golfers from the seasoned professional to the inexperienced beginner will practice to further develop their skills and to maintain their playing ability. Anyone that wants to improve their game will definitely take the time to deliberately practice.

What does it mean to deliberately practice?

Deliberately practicing golf

No player will be able to improve their game unless they deliberately practice. What is deliberate practice? This type of practice focuses on improving a certain aspect of a person’s game. For golfers, deliberate practice will improve their swing, grip, stroke, form, use of equipment and overall game play.

Players should also learn how to practice hitting the ball with their clubs to figure out how to make shots and what strategies they should use while out on the course. Deliberate practice will improve a player’s skill and ability.

Practice Hours make a Difference

Research has been conducted on how a person develops their skills in life. One of the conclusions from this research proved that the more a person practices something, the better they will be at that very thing. This is why top level golf players are able to excel at their craft. This is also why a lot of people don’t do well in golf. The truth is that many golfers people do not deliberately practice enough to better.

One thing that top level golfers do is practice. They consistently have been doing this for a very long time. Players that can put in at least 10,000 hours of practice will eventually become really good at their game. The 10,000 hours figure converts into 1 year 50 days or about 1 year and 2 months. A golf player that can deliberately practice for this amount of time can really excel on the course.

Truthfully, most people probably cannot spare that much time for practicing golf. They also might not have the desire, discipline or focus to train for 10,000 hours. Still, if a golfer can put forth this type of effort they will be a competitive player to deal with on the greens.

A Golfer’s Practice should Include some Type of Physical Workout

Golfers don’t have to work out like other sports professionals. However, they will be selling themselves very short because physical training is also important for golfers. Do not be deceived about the game of golf. Players must have endurance for all of the walking they will be doing. With sports science becoming increasingly prevalent in even the lower levels of golf, now is the time to get ahead. Jogging and performing a cardiovascular routine will help to develop this ability. Strength is another characteristic that will be needed.

Having the power to hit the ball a long distance has to do with strength. A golfer doesn’t need big muscles but they will need to develop their power. Having good balance is important for good form. Stretching is critical for golfers. They need to stay as loose and flexible as possible. Another attribute has to do with coordination. A player will need to consistently practice their form and balance by going through the motions for improving it. Sooner or later any serious golfer or a person that wants to improve their game will have to address the physical aspect of training.

When a golfer takes the time to deliberately practice their skills their game is going to improve significantly. They might or might not become a highly successful player. However, their skill level will dramatically improve. As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. When it comes to playing golf this old adage it true.