How Sports Science Is Shaping the Future Of Golf

Golf has come a long way since it was first played back in Scotland during the 1500s. Now, this game is considered one of the top sporting competitions on the planet. This game has changed significantly since it was first invented. With a rise in availability of expert information from renowned golf bloggers and expert golf writers all over the web, it's easier than ever to get a head-start in the world of golf.

Golf has transformed in different ways and sports science has contributed to this change. Keep reading to figure out how sports science is shaping the future of golf.

Sports science in golf

Sports is defined as an activity involving physical exertion and skill. Also, at least two individual players or two teams must also compete against each other to make an activity or event a sport. When it comes to sports, there is a discipline known as sports science. This area of study evaluates how the human body works during exercise. It also evaluates how sport and physical activity promotes health and how the body operates at the cellular and whole-body levels.

In short, sports science simply evaluates how athletes perform and function during a physical competition or sporting match. This discipline provides a great way for the sporting industry to evaluate athletes in terms of performance, overall health, function and player selection. They then take these evaluations and determine what is the best way to maximize performance for athletes within their chose sports field. When it comes to golf, sports science is now helping players to figure out different ways to prepare themselves for training and competition.

Golf is now a Sport

There has been an age-old debate about golf being a sport. According to the definition for the word sport, golf falls under this qualification. Golf is now considered a sport and the discipline of sports science is helping to improve it. The different ways in which sports science is being applied to golf will now be addressed.

The Tiger Woods Transformation

Tigers Woods is a living legend in sports. Most people might not look at Tiger Woods in this way, but 100 years from now people will have a different view. They will not only see a great player but a transformative figure that has elevated the game of golf. The reason why Tiger Woods is golf’s greatest transformative figure is because he literally changed the game of golf.

Tiger Woods Transformation

Before Tiger Woods came along, golfers did not workout or engage in any type of physical training regimens. Honestly, there wasn’t a real need for golfers to take this approach to the game. Remember, golf has always been a game played among nobility or the upper-class members of society. This game was not necessarily a big draw for the middle class or for poor people. It was also considered a leisurely activity or game. Up until the coming of Tiger Woods, no one thought about golf as a sport where people would train, workout and prepare for competition. There just wasn’t a need to take this approach to golf back then.

To be fair, not all the golfers before Woods were totally against working out. Some golfers did consider exercise as a means to improve their game. Woods was not the first person to think about this approach. However, Woods success with this approach is what put him over the top. By the way, if Woods did not have the success that he has had over the years, then his workout regimen probably would not have been considered. Still, golf players would have eventually considered this approach. Tiger just made it happen a lot faster.

Here’s the thing. Tiger Woods workout regimen forced golf players to reconsider their anti-exercising and training approach to golf. Tiger Woods stated that he and only one other golfer would work out during the early days of his training sessions. Now, he says that golfers are working out like regular athletes as a part of their overall preparation for this sport.

Sports science in golf

Tiger has even said that it would be asinine for any person to play golf without working out. He understood early on that golfer’s strength, athletic ability and conditioning all play a crucial role with their success in golf. The technique and form that a golfer must use to hit a golf ball will be improved by training and working out.

Once people started to make the connection between Tiger Woods workout regimen and his ability to play the game; they started to take this approach a lot more seriously. Eventually, Woods started to notice more people showing up inside of the workout room. Golfers realized that Tiger’s methods couldn’t be denied. Whether they agreed with him or not, they knew that hey must now start training for golf like a real athlete.

If they want to dethrone Tiger Wood’s records they would have to develop enough power and strength to hit the ball well over the 40 yards that Tiger could produce. Tiger Woods was known to hit a golf ball 40 yards further than his competitors. This in turn would reduce the amount of strokes he needed to get the ball to the hole. Golfers know that they will have to outperform him if they want to do better than him. As of 2019, Tiger Woods is still around competing.

The New Era of Golfers are Athletes

Rory Mcllroy is a top tier modern golfer who is a new era of competitor. He is an athlete who gifted at golf just like Tiger Woods. As a matter of fact, he states that Woods was a huge influence on him. Mcllroy is 29 and he is a top-rated player in this field. Mcllroy also works outs and he trains hard for game preparation. Mcllroy is a highly competitive golfer that lifts weights, performs cardiovascular maneuvers and works out on his golf technique. He is just one example of a player who is able to use a workout regimen to improve his playing ability.

Modern golfers now consider the training portion of their sports. Modern sports science backs up their considerations with facts that this type of process does work. Many players work on their strength for hitting the ball further than their predecessors, they work on flexibility to maintain a superb swing and they also work on their endurance and even their agility. Even if a golfer utilizes a cart to move from one part of the course to the next, many of them still have to walk. Some golfers will have to put in miles when walking around courses making shots. So, having the endurance and stamina is very important to this game.

Sport science that is often used for golfers builds them up in many ways. Each element of their game is closely evaluated and monitored. Then a golfer is given a specific training regimen that will build up each particular skill and ability they need to perform at peak level. The exercises, diet, conditioning and brain training are all adjusted and readjusted to ensure success.

Golf Training for Power

Golf coaches are now training their students with power and strength techniques. Once again, finishing a course in less than 18 holes will improve a competitor’s chances of winning. Competitors who can hit the ball closest to the hole with as few strokes as possible have a serious advantage. Combining strength and power with a player’s natural swinging ability will usually produce the best effort for their stroke. Younger players who hit the ball at least 300 yards or more are now starting to set a new standard for golf. Sports science is forever helping these younger players to improve their drive, stroke and hitting power.

Golf Conditioning for Flexibility

The science of golf is also encouraging players to become more flexible as well as strong. The techniques and exercises for these players include stretching, flexibility drills and various body alignment exercises. Modern golfers are also using yoga, Pilates and anything else that will help them stay loose and free flowing while on the golf course.

Golfer’s Diet and Sports Science

Golfers of the past used to drink while they played golf. Not all golfers but a lot of them did. Today’s golfer doesn’t drink as much (if at all) and they eat right. Sports science has proven that a golfer’s diet is also important to their success. Without a good diet, a golfer can still compete but not as effectively. By the way, a golfer does not necessarily have to avoid certain foods they just have to keep them in moderation. However, if they want the best benefit from their workout regimen and if they want to perform at their best.

Neuro Processes for Golfers

Golfers are now incorporating neuro processes into their training sessions. They utilize this technique to make their mind sharper and to improve their game. Neuro processes have been proven to help athletes to enhance their playing ability by upgrading their swing, helping them to have more mental clarity with their overall game and by helping them to figure out the best way to manipulate a course. 3D Motion and kinematics are also used for this purpose.

Golfers carry out this process by using virtual golfing technology to evaluate their shot. This is like playing a video game for a golfer. However, virtual feedback is extremely important because it gives a golfer important information about the overall effectiveness of their on-the-course gameplay.

Isokinetic Extremity and why its Necessary for Golfers

Isokinetic extremity testing is important for evaluating a player’s swinging effectiveness. It is also necessary for examining injured muscles. Once a person can evaluate the muscles in their body that pertains to their swing, they will then be able to adjust and improve their game. Isokinetic extremity testing will help them to get the best idea about the condition of their muscles and what parts of their body needs to be improved.

21st Century Preparation Golfers

Golf science is now elevating the modern golf professional. This discipline is now helping players to advance their game and their ability to play more effectively. Modern players are different than in the past. These players showcase athleticism and their efforts have literally changed how people play golf today.

Younger players are now ready to play golf by accepting what this new era of sports science has to offer. They are ready to go to the gym and they are ready to train like for at least 10 months out of the year. They are jumping on the latest technology to improve their swing and they are getting coaches and even personal trainers to help bring out their best.

Golfers are also improving their mental function and they are upping their golfing I.Q. They want to be smarter and more effective players. They will work hard at figuring out the best way to complete a course with the fewest strokes. They no longer are looking at golf like it’s a hobby, a recreational pastime or a leisurely activity.

The old guard of golfing is quickly fading. The old timers will be around but if they plan on competing in some of the major tours they won’t be (or can’t be) like the golfers of the past. They will have to adapt or get left behind in this field. This is where golf is and anyone that is not prepared for this change will quickly be eliminated from serious competition.

Tiger Woods intervention into the sport has forced a huge shift and now in the post-Woods era of golf, the golfers are taking on a new approach. They no longer want their sport to be marginalized as a something that anyone can do. Sports science has raised the bar and golfers are bringing more of their A-game than ever before.

The 21st century golfer will be a sight to behold. They will no longer considered a bunch of goof-offs playing around. They indeed will be golfing professionals who will probably go further than their predecessors. At least one of these golfers will emerge to even dethrone Tiger Woods and to become more famous than Jack Niklaus. The game of golf has changed forever, and sports science is a key factor in this change.

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