September 29, 2016


Linking Sports & Communities (LSC) was started in 2004. It was a program hosted by The Leadership Consortium. “Our original mission,” says Founder Denise Meridith, “Was to enhance the relationships among athletes, sports organizations and the communities in Arizona.” One way of accomplishing that has been working with all the professional sports to encourage student athletes to stay in school, lead healthy lifestyles and be financially responsible. LSC became its own 501 (c) (3) charitable non-profit in 2010.

LSC is “an association of associations,” working with over 40 academic institutions, professional sports teams, non-profits, governments, and private businesses. LSC, in cooperation with others, hosts educational workshops, sports and health clinics, and other sports-related activities every year. It also recognizes athletes, organizations and students who make significant contributions to their communities. LSC’s signature annual events include: The Community Leadership Awards, NASCAR Weekends with Phoenix International Raceway, Military Family Appreciation Night and Arizona Youth Sports Day.