What Characteristics Make a World Class Golfer?

World Class Golfer

Golfing is a very unique sport that has its own set of protocols and skills sets. This sport doesn’t require a lot in terms of strength, speed and agility. However, competitors must have stamina, the ability to compete under pressure and they must be willing to put in work for years. Golfers don’t have to train like a football player or have the athleticism of a basketball pro. However, a golfer does need to have some specific attributes to make them really great players. Remember, golfing is a sport and world class players must possess certain characteristics that stand out from the pack.

Great Golfers have Mastered the Fundamentals

Many people often overlook how important fundamentals are to any sport. Most athletes who compete within a specific sport will know the fundamentals. However, some players will have mastered them. For example, most 4 or 5 star football recruits have a strong knowledge of the game. The same is true for a top tier golf player. Honestly, there is no way that a person can be considered a great player unless they know this game inside out.

Knowing the fundamentals means having the right form. It also means knowing the rules, which clubs to use for different situations, how to manage obstacles and how to deal with the crowds and distractions. All of these factors are necessary to become a great golf player. Any person that is world class golfer will have the fundamentals mastered before they achieve greatness.

Great Golfers have Bags of Experience

Another attribute of a top tier golf player is experience. Don’t forget that golfing is a competitive sport like any other athletic endeavour. Most people just do not start playing the game at a later age in life and then all of a sudden become a golfing guru. In order for most players to become a golfing maven, they would have been playing since they were kids or young teens.

An outstanding golfing players would have spent many years developing their game. This in turn would give them a wealth of experience. Golfing experience allows competitors to develop into top players throughout the years. This experience will help them to forge a strong competitive drive, to know which irons to use and what to basically expect when competing in tournaments and competitions.

Great Golfers have Mental Toughness

Great golfers need to be strong mentally to compete at a high level. Remember there are literally millions of dollars on the table for high level players. Competitors must be mentally prepared to win. Not only is the money at stake so is the recognition, endorsements, awards and championship status.

Golfers have to compete hard against one another. So having the mental toughness to endure this type of activity for years is a requirement. Believe it or not many golfers quit playing the game at an early age or when they discover the competition to be tougher than expected. No one one will become a championship level golfer unless they have the mental toughness to effectively compete for many years.

World Class Golfers Put in the Extra Work

If a person wants to really be good at what they do, they must dedicate themselves to their craft. This isn’t just about mastering their skill; it’s about taking the time to learn about it. All great golf players put in the extra work. Even if they have natural talent. They still must continue to hone their game. World class golfers will spend a lot of their time playing the game. People will think that they are being obsessive but a good golf player will eat, sleep and position their lives around golf.

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They will practice countless hours perfecting their shots, they will work hard on maintaining their form and they will learn what works and is not effective on a course. These are not the only attributes that makes a player a world class golfing professional. However, these characteristics are extremely important traits for any golfer that makes it as one of the great ones in this game.