How Does Work? 110m capital 910mlundentechcrunch is an AI-powered sales intelligence platform that provides sales professionals with the tools, data, and insights needed to quickly identify decision-makers and build personalized relationships with them. It leverages real-time insights from more than 6 billion web sources and over 200 million contact records to help users find the right prospects and drive their business forward. In June 2020, raised $110M as its sales intelligence platform crossed 16K paying companies worldwide.

Apollo’s competitive advantage lies in its ability to provide a 360° view of a prospect’s company and customers, allowing users to differentiate themselves from competitors with personalized messaging that resonates more quickly. With integrated CRM automation, Apollo also allows team members to collaborate more effectively on accounts as well as interact more effectively with prospects by leveraging automated tasks, emails, notes and analytics from conversations. By leveraging their intelligence data platform not only on their living leads but also on dead leads (contacts not yet qualified), they are able to surface leads before anyone else sees them so that teams are only engaging those prospects in warm conversations who actually want it first.

Overview of is a sales intelligence platform which helps companies scale their sales operations and drive consistent sales results. It leverages artificial intelligence to discover new sales opportunities, accelerate research processes, and improve sales effectiveness. It recently crossed 16,000 paying companies and raised $110 million to continue expanding its platform.

This article will provide an overview of how works and how it can benefit businesses.

What is is a sales intelligence platform that provides users with insights, data management, and actionable leads. This platform serves a range of sales and marketing functions including growth strategizing, reaching out to potential clients, and monitoring customer engagement. helps businesses close more deals faster through automation, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI). b2b sequoia capital 910mlundentechcrunch is used by more than 16K paying companies worldwide, including high profile customers such as Instagram and Microsoft. In October 2020 the company announced a $110M Series B funding round led by Sapphire Ventures that encompasses both venture capital and debt investments to drive their solution even further in the customer experience space.

The company’s core features include Dynamic Lists which enable users to target leads on an individual level by combining information from various sources like emails and customer databases; Insight Cards which allows users to analyze customer interaction points; Sentiment Analysis which reveals the sentiment of each prospect toward an offer along with an AI assistant called Cobalt that helps reps focus on the most qualified leads.

Recently also added two new powerful features– Talk-Track for digital events tracking & notifications as well as Multi-Account Identification which makes sure reps are always on top of their customer engagement strategies across multiple accounts with just one unified view from Apollo’s dashboard.

How Does Work? is a sales intelligence platform that helps sales professionals and businesses increase revenues by collecting data and information on accounts, contacts, emails, and activities. It optimizes customer relations as well as organizational efficiency by providing features such as multi-step sequences automation, score-based routing, metrics tracking and more. The platform uses complex algorithms to analyze thousands of data points captured in real time to not only track user activity on the platform but also offer personalized recommendations designed to improve sell conversions.

In addition to the core features above, provides the following services:

  • Data & Insights: Becoming increasingly powerful with each use, Apollo drives upsells & cross-sells through its AI capabilities. Powerful insights are offered that are tailored for specific industries or individual companies in order to optimize for better results.
  • Accelerated Sales Cycles: The platform enables sales teams to quickly search for errors & trends in aggregate customer data with context—driving successful selling cycles from prospecting through conversion faster than ever before.
  • Better Team Performance: Apollo’s targeted analytics goal setting modules enable a productive working environment for all employees—from frontline reps all the way up to managers—to increase performance across the board with detailed audience segmentations & advanced analytics models.
  • Increased Visibility into Deals: Increased visibility from startupto closure is vital in sales engagements; Apollo makes this possible by helping build profiles that include contact data, company financials & competitive intelligence—all helping sales teams close deals fast without sacrificing quality interactions within each lead/customer relationship.

Overall, Apollo is rapidly becoming a popular choice among many businesses due to its ability to integrate seamlessly into most business operations, enabling users across all levels of an organization access accurate data at any time in their daily workflow. This has proved immensely beneficial given recent market pressures pushing organizations toward more informed decisions while seeking greater efficiencies in their industries through advanced technology solutions like those provided by Apollo’s suite of products and services.

Benefits of Using is a sales intelligence platform that has recently raised a total of $110M and has crossed 16K paying companies. It allows businesses to access data and insights from its massive database to research prospects, find new leads, and send customized cold emails.

Let’s take a closer look into the potential benefits that offers to its users.

Sales Insights provides critical sales insights and tools to help businesses reach their growth objectives. Using Apollo’s comprehensive sales intelligence platform, teams are able to quickly uncover key contacts within target accounts, build personalized campaigns and intelligence services to gain deep understanding of their buyer’s personas, generate qualified leads, nurture customers, and monitor the effectiveness of their efforts over time.

Sales professionals can get actionable insights at every stage of the sales cycle using Apollo’s platform which includes access to rich contact details on over 400M contacts – including in-depth information on individual decision makers like job title, past company affiliations and more. Teams are also provided with an extensive suite of features that enable them to send personalized emails directly from the platform, create targeted outreach campaigns tailored for specific accounts, automate lead scoring and qualification tasks as well as track engagements in real-time. b2b 110m 910mlundentechcrunch

In addition, Apollo’s Sales Accelerator feature provides teams with in-depth data analysis on account purchase history allowing them to better understand a customer’s buying behavior as well as identify other opportunities within its network. Sales Intelligence Reports promote real-time intelligence gathering enabling users to review summary dashboards that include top customer stories such as customer win/loss timelines, total deal volume trends and competitive activity monitoring so businesses can stay ahead of the competition.

Apollo’s platform makes it easier than ever for businesses to gain a competitive edge by providing complete visibility on competitive activity and offering powerful customer insights which make it easier for companies to leverage data for engaging conversations with current customers or prospects. With comprehensive data-driven technology that covers all stages of the sales cycle from prospecting through closing deals quickly and efficiently companies are now well equipped with an arsenal of powerful tools designed for accelerating their revenue goals efficiently.

Targeted Prospecting

For sales professionals, is an invaluable platform for targeting potential leads and finding prospects. Apollo’s advanced technology uses an algorithm to analyze consumer behavior and provides insights into ideal customer types based on parameters such as engagement score, location, contact details, industry affinity and more. It then offers recommendations for acquiring new leads who are likely to convert into sales quickly.

Apollo allows users to access archived data about a company or individual and use this information to build a personalized target list of likely customers. This gives users the ability to create hyper-targeted campaigns with optimized results. Additionally, it enables them to identify opportunities that would have otherwise been missed with traditional prospecting techniques.

Apollo also makes it easier for sellers to gain intel on their prospects by offering analytics-driven market research insights that help uncover trends in any given industry – giving them valuable intel on their competitors as well as their prospects’ behaviors and needs. This level of insight makes it easier for sellers to be strategic in their outreach tactics and messaging so that they can maximize their chances of success with each campaign.

Automation is a sales intelligence platform that allows businesses to efficiently and accurately manage their sales data. One of the many benefits of using is the power of automation it provides. Automation provides more accurate and consistent data results, which saves time and effort for sales teams. sequoia capital 910mlundentechcrunch

With, users can schedule automated searches for any keywords related to their products or services, ensuring the most timely and updated data for their business activity. Furthermore, search results are made available in real-time, eliminating the need to manually search through multiple websites or databases to find what a team needs. It also gives users access to powerful insights into their business operations which allow them to better target prospects and close deals faster.

In addition,’s automation feature simplifies business workflow processes by automatically creating concise reports with contact details discovered during searches based on user specified criteria such as company size or location while taking into account any privacy restrictions imposed by the user’s organization or system set-up. With this functionality, users are able to quickly assess customer contact information without manually populating templates—efforts done in mere minutes could often take up hours otherwise spent compiling information manually.

Overall, automation provides fast and effective solutions for staying up-to-date on customer contact details at scale—a critical factor in staying competitive over time as customer needs evolve quickly in today’s digital world no matter the size of your organization. To further unlock its potential value across organizations of any size, head over to Apollo’s website at to start realizing efficient management of your sales data today!

Recent Funding recently announced that it had raised $110M in new funding, demonstrating the incredible success its sales intelligence platform has had over the past few years. This news came on the heels of crossing the 16K mark of companies using its platform.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how works and how it has been able to achieve such impressive growth. Raises $110 Million in Series C Funding led by Sequoia Capital, the intelligent sales intelligence platform that delivers automated and accurate customer data to more than 16,000 paying companies worldwide, announced that it has recently secured $110 million in series C funding. The team behind is notable for their prior success — the company’s co-founders are part of the founding team behind Celonis and Anametrix (acquired by Microsoft for Power BI Insights).

The funds were led by global investors including Tiger Global Management, Sequoia Capital, Tenaya Capital, Storm Ventures and Baseline Ventures. Other investors include Restless Venture Fund and Zoom founder Eric Yuan, as well. Follow-on investments from existing investors Dragoneer Investment Group and Battery Ventures show their commitment to continuing to back’s success in the future.

The capital raised will help Apollo accelerate its mission of helping companies create powerful customer relationships by uncovering data insights quickly across multiple sources — including industry-standard CRMs, emails, social media channels and more — so they can better engage with current customers while also finding opportunities with prospects. It also plans on hiring more product talent globally to expand its reach beyond North America over the next year as well.

Impact of Recent Funding recently raised $110 million in a Series C funding round led by Greenspring Associates, with participation from existing investors including Inovia Capital, Susa Ventures and Slack Fund. This new funding round brings the company’s total funds raised to nearly $165 million since its inception in October 2017.

The funds raised form part of a growth investment bid to support as it rapidly expands its presence in the sales technology and intelligence sector. The company’s leading platform enables sales teams to identify better leads, prioritize them and win deals faster without sacrificing quality for speed. With Apollo’s real-time automation, insights and data science capabilities, sales teams are achieving higher conversion rates for results companies’ stay ahead of their competition.

Through this recent funding round, the company aims to not only boost the growth of the business but also expand its R&D efforts, staff growth initiatives and deepen customer relations by providing extra resources such as onboarding support in different languages and around-the-clock help desk assistance worldwide. Moreover, its worldwide adoption has enabled it to successfully pass 16K+ companies who use Apollo solutions on an enterprise level across over 30 countries across North America, Asia Pacific and Europe within three years’ time. This milestone places them amongst some of the most successful sales tech businesses which were able to quickly reach this scale due to their product’s quality exceeding customer expectation levels on all fronts – functionalities or features – that enable maximum success throughout every stage of a client’s journey with their product suite.

By raising additional capital that will give them both strong financial stability as well as much needed fuel for accelerated international expansion plans within key market regions; Apollo is rightly poised for staying ahead of its competitors who have yet shown slower overall progress in sales numbers due to slower product rollouts caused by initial surge delays from previous rounds of investments that had failed to adhere strictly enough on strict deadlines and commitments made at the time these promises had originally been declared at outset.

Customer Reviews

With’s customer reviews, it’s not hard to see why they recently raised $110M and have 16K paying companies on their platform. Reviews are an important way to find out what customers think of a company and its services.

Let’s take a look at some of the customer reviews of and what they say about the platform.

Overview of Customer Reviews is a sales intelligence platform that makes it easier for sales teams to reach their goals. The company has attracted attention from major investors, including its most recent Series D funding round of $110 million in February 2021. Thanks to its steady growth over the last few years, now serves more than 16,000 paying companies.

One key indicator of any company’s success is customer reviews.’s customers are excited about the platform’s features and tools and consistently rate it with high marks where available:

  • A Google Reviews rating of 4.8 (out of 5) from over 150 reviews
  • A G2 Crowd rating of 4.4 (out of 5) from over 530 ratings
  • A Capterra rating of 4 (out of 5) from more than 120 ratings
  • A software advice rating of 4 (out of 5) from 19 reviews

Positive customer sentiment praises the platform for adding capabilities such as integrations with Salesforce and Hubspot as well as personalized insights on customers’ accounts so reps can ensure they reach the right prospects at the right time; its AI-driven automation capabilities that automate mundane processes to free up reps’ time; and an intuitive UI that’s straightforward enough to use without extra training or support staff costs. Some unhappy users note problems or slow response times with integrations and scalability issues if their team grows rapidly, but they admit they haven’t encountered these issues often enough to negatively affect their reviews significantly.

Positive Reviews is a powerful sales intelligence platform that serves companies in over 140 countries and helps them make data-driven decisions. Recently, the platform has been receiving positive reviews from the customers all around the globe.

The primary assets, according to positive reviews, are efficacy and accuracy of’s services in finding contact and account information for each of their clients; this makes its reach wide into potential leads and new business opportunities. The ability to quickly organize found data into an intuitive dashboard allows users to measure their success automatically as well as reduce manual tasks associated with it.

Users also pointed out Apollo’s strong customer support service that helps customers in utilizing the platform better and at times providing custom solutions when needed. Other features such as its integration with entire leading CRMs and automation tools are further strengthen the appeal of Apollo’s software to companies with diverse business needs ranging from small startups to large enterprises.

The recent funding $110 million funding signals its promise as a sales intelligence platform while it continues provide excellence in terms of customer engagement, innovation and performance goals with expanded features such as full company profiles, ideal customer profile search capability and more automatic updates so businesses can stay on top of changes in their contacts’ roles or team movements more easily.

Negative Reviews

Negative reviews focus on the lack of specialization, usability or customer service. Many customers complain that is not intuitive and requires a lot of clicks to gain understanding of what their sales data is telling them.

Additionally, customers often raise concerns over customer service, citing slow response times and indifferent attitudes from potential teams.

Reports also mention a lack of specialized features in different industries or country specific features in non-English markets.

Finally, many users cite difficulty in customizing Apollo’s CRM integration which may be due to the complexity of that category or promises made by Apollo that cannot be delivered on.

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