How has grown so quickly? b2b 110m series sequoia 910mlundentechcrunch is a start-up based in San Francisco, California that has quickly gained popularity and success over the past few years. The company was founded in 2017 and since then they have been able to grow and expand their user base at an impressive rate. In such a competitive market, stands out from the rest of the crowd thanks to its innovative products, streamlined design and user-friendly interface.

This article will take a closer look at how has managed to experience quick growth within such a short amount of time. We will explore some of their most successful product developments, discuss their customer relationship strategies and highlight their marketing campaigns that have contributed immensely towards their success. By understanding these elements more closely we can appreciate how can stand above the rest in this highly competitive market and why users choose them for their needs.

Company Background is a rapidly-growing sales intelligence startup founded in 2017. The company provides high-quality sales intelligence and contact data for sales teams. Recently, announced a $110M Series C funding round, bringing their total raised to $180M.

Let’s take a deeper look into how this fast-growing startup raised so much money in such a short amount of time.

Founded in 2018 was founded in 2018 by former tech executives Shahab Kaviani and Hani Akram, who brought years of marketing experience. Their mission was to build a platform that would simplify and scale the process of sales intelligence for B2B companies. As a result, Apollo has become one of the fastest growing sales intelligence platforms, gathering data from millions of web sources and providing actionable insights to its users.

The company began as an early-stage startup and quickly grew from a six-person team producing a beta version in San Francisco to a 75-person entity backed by top venture capital firms such as Y Combinator, Founders Fund, Social Capital, Binary Capital, SV Angel, Ventura Capital and more. By building upon their insights and leveraging the power of AI-based technology capabilities, Apollo’s team has become a leader in their field without sacrificing values or quality – rapidly assembling one of the largest sources of verifiable company information on private companies worldwide.

Apollo’s growth is largely attributed to their focus on product design and user experience – building features to help sales reps close more deals faster. They recently launched new products such as Data Finder which enables users to find highly-targeted lists using advanced search criteria; Lead Scoring which helps sales reps prioritise hottest leads; Opportunity Scoring which provides assessment and scoring for specific opportunities in an organisation’s pipeline; and Team Performance Tracking (TNT) Reporting which helps reps understand where time is being spent relative to qualified opportunities within their organisation’s pipeline. In addition to these features, Apollo also caters its product suite for individual users and enterprise level clients with highly customizable configurations allowing for efficient data capture through multiple points utilising AI powered tools.

Vision and mission

At, our mission is to help sales organisations equip and empower sales reps to win in today’s competitive landscape by offering the most comprehensive combination of sales intelligence and research technology. We are committed to helping businesses achieve their goals by delivering the best data experience and the highest level of service.

Our vision is to become the leading provider of sales intelligence and research technology for companies large and small. By partnering with our customers, we strive to provide an intuitive platform that allows users to quickly access valuable insights that give them a competitive edge in their markets. Additionally, we are passionate about creating a top-of-the-line user experience that empowers users to make informed decisions on every sale.

For over three years, our team has been developing cutting-edge technology platforms that enable our customers instant access to important insights and advanced analytics capabilities – making it easier for them to uncover opportunities faster than ever before. Our goal is not only to provide quality products but also a world-class customer service experience, including personalised training sessions and 24/7 support via phone or email. With these values as our foundation, we strive to make every interaction with Apollo successful for everyone involved, enabling efficient growth for all involved parties for years to come. b2b series sequoia 910mlundentechcrunch

Business Model

Fast-growing sales intelligence startup has recently raised $110 million in Series C funding. What is their business model that has enabled them to grow so quickly? What kind of strategies are they using to acquire customers?

In this article, we will discuss the business model of and the strategies they use for growth.

Target Market has seen tremendous success in the past several months due to its unique focus on customer growth. Its target market includes fast-growing companies in the technology space that need to scale quickly while keeping customer relationships at the forefront of their business strategy. Some of Apollo’s current customers include TransferWise, Eventbrite and Twilio.

To reach new customers, Apollo uses a combination of organic and paid marketing strategies, such as content marketing, social media advertising and paid search ads on Google and other platforms. The company also uses strategic partnerships with key influencers and technology providers to drive further growth. With its broad reach and scalable approach, Apollo can quickly expand into new markets while continuing to deliver value for existing customers.

Unique Selling Points has grown quickly by offering a unique product that serves an unmet need in the market. Many businesses lack the manpower to stay on top of their public relations efforts, yet understand the importance of being active on multiple platforms to grow brand awareness and increase sales. This is where comes in.

The company focuses on two key aspects: outreach and creative design capabilities which set them apart from other companies offering similar services. Their outreach team uses technology to search for the most relevant PR contacts for their clients, ensuring their messages efficiently reach the right people. They specialise in multi-channel Outreach, including influencers, social media platforms, and online publications, so their message can reach a larger audience than ever. Furthermore, their creative team puts together visuals, videos, and other types of content so that applications have a much stronger impact than if sent without graphics or video footage.

Apart from this, Apollo also provides analytics reports which allow companies to identify how effective their outreach was so they can use this data to refine future applications further or adjust plans accordingly. Finally, they offer scalability so clients can modify services according to their budget and growth rate restrictions meaning organisations get a tailored service regardless of size or budget restrictions.

In essence, Apollo can offer something unique no one else can match –speed and quality – while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction They’ve bridged the gap between businesses looking to expand their public relations efforts and those wanting a fast-paced way of doing it with minimal effort on part – something modern businesses need more than anything else now more than ever before!

Growth Strategies’s success is no doubt impressive. The fast-growing sales intelligence startup has just closed its Series C funding round, with a total of $110M.

To understand how achieved such success, let’s look at the various growth strategies that it has employed to reach its current position. 110m series 910mlundentechcrunch

Product Development

By focusing on product development, has created a strategic offering of machine-learning-driven products that enable customers to quickly access and analyse their data to make informed decisions. In addition, the product is built using cutting-edge technology, allowing companies to find the best talent for their specific needs more quickly, saving time and money. uses a combination of data science, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) algorithms to build predictive models that accurately reflect customer preferences, considering job skills, experience levels, cultural fitment, and many other factors. The platform then assists recruiters with identifying potential hires that can be directly sourced using these insights—making the recruitment process much more efficient.

The company also utilises various channels such as content marketing and social media outreach that drive organic growth by targeting a broader user base of job seekers and recruiters looking for the best hires in specific industries or geolocations. Finally, Apollo continually measures customer feedback to refine its product offerings and understand what works best for each customer’s unique environment – providing an improved user experience that drives better results long-term.

Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition is essential in any business, and it’s essential to’s success. Building a customer base is key to driving growth and product adoption, as it provides validation and feedback on the product. has employed several strategies to acquire customers with minimal overhead expenses. These strategies have included organic and paid tactics such as organic search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, email campaigns, and targeted online ads on popular platforms such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Reddit Ads & Twitter Ads.

The company has consistently focused on developing long-term relationships with its customers by providing them with high-quality services that meet their needs; furthering their efforts through additional channels (such as referral programs or affiliates) that help create word-of-mouth advertising; regularly conducting research and surveys to understand how people use the product; implementing advanced analytics tools that track user actions such as click-through rates and conversion rates; testing different pricing models to increase sales volume; launching new features or services tailored towards specific customer segments; offering loyalty rewards such as discounts or incentives for remaining active throughout the year; developing user advocacy programs focused on building relationships with brand advocates; encouraging users to share experiences through social media platforms like Twitter & Instagram.

Using a combination of these techniques, has accelerated its growth while keeping their overhead costs low – a strategy which has been successful for many companies looking to scale quickly in today’s market.

Strategic Partnerships

A successful growth strategy often involves creating partnerships between companies and taking advantage of different strengths. In the case of, these partnerships have played a major role in the startup’s rapid growth. partnered with well-established companies such as Google and Microsoft to leverage their expertise and visibility in the tech industry. The company also collaborated with other high-potential startups from Europe to exponentially increase their customer base when they expanded globally.

The team at understands that these types of business relationships are essential for success, especially in the technology sector with rapid growth and fierce competition. By forming signal alliances, they have brought their product to more people faster, launched cutting-edge products faster, and stayed one step ahead of their competition at all times.

Recent Funding

Fast-growing sales intelligence startup recently announced that it has raised $110M in Series C funding. This brings the total amount of funding the company has raised to $205M. With the new funding, is now valued at around $1.3B.

What’s behind the company’s quick growth and success? Let’s take a closer look at their recent achievements and find out. b2b 110m series capital 910mlundentechcrunch

Series A recently secured a Series A funding round of 8 million dollars led by Shasta Ventures with participation from Clearbanc, Reddit Cofounder Alexis Ohanian’s fund “Seven Seven Six,” The Perkins Fund and numerous angel investors, including Indiegogo founders Slava Rubin and Eric Schell.

Series A rounds are typically the first substantial round of venture capital financing after standard seed or angel rounds. In exchange for their investments, venture capitalists receive preferred stock with various terms, such as liquidation preferences or Protective Provisions that protect their interest in case of any kind of business failure or financial difficulty in the future.

This funding round will be used to scale Apollo’s engineering and product teams to build out its technology platform that enables sales teams to quickly find qualified leads through artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data. It’s a fortunate company when it can land an incredible fundraising even without the help of an institutional investor! Apollo is setting the industry standard for B2B lead generation by using advanced technology to make sales teams more effective. With this recent funding and secure backing from investors like Shasta Ventures and Clearbanc, it’s no surprise Apollo is on track for continued success!

Series B

In June 2019, closed a $30 million Series B funding round, led by General Catalyst. Other notable investors in this round include Google’s AI-focused venture fund and Kevin O’Leary from the popular television show, Shark Tank. Most of the funds from this investment were used to hire more engineers and expand Apollo’s product offerings.

This Series B completed Apollo’s rapid growth streak, beginning with its Series A funding in March 2018. Led by Techstars Ventures, Western Technology Investment (WTI) and other strategic investors, the round was worth $10 million. In addition, it opened many new opportunities for Apollo to improve its products: Big data partnerships to community initiatives and product integrations.

Series C

In 2020, was fortunate to raise a $12M Series C round from new investor Insight Partners and participation from Accel, Nat Turner and Zach Weinberg’s Gen Z Fund. This round also added industry veterans Arun Mathews of Insight Partners, Subrah Iyar of Workday Ventures, Matt Oguz of Macquarie Capital, and Andy Lea of Dacher Keltner from UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center to’s Board of Directors.

The funding has enabled the rapidly growing startup to continue its mission to accelerate revenue growth for modern sales teams by giving them access to the most intent-rich insights and develop groundbreaking AI technology used by some of the world’s largest companies. Today, Apollo powers more than 10 billion insights monthly at Fortune 100 companies such as Dell Technologies, Google Cloud and Atlassian – driving insights that strengthen relationships with buyers and equip modern sales teams with the intent data they need to grow faster forging lasting relationships with their customers.

Fast-growing sales intelligence startup raises $110M in Series C funding

Fast-growing sales intelligence startup recently announced it has raised $110M in Series C funding. This is a major milestone for the company, showing their commitment to growth and innovation.

The additional funding will allow to expand even further and to build upon the success they have already achieved.

This article will examine how this new funding has impacted the company and what the future may hold for

Expansion Plans

While’s growth can primarily be attributed to a smart team that is deeply in tune with the needs of its users, recent funding has also been an invaluable driving force. The new funds acquired have enabled to increase its staff size and expand its services and capabilities. This strategic approach enables the company to continue developing customer-focused products and services that reduce customer effort, improve user experience, and ultimately increase conversion rates.

With the new funding, plans to use their existing technology as a platform for launching new and expanded solutions specifically tailored for customer lifetime value and customer retention. In addition, the company is actively planning initiatives around product development, B2B partnerships, geographies, market expansion, customer success, investors & partners and go-to-market strategies to best serve their current base of users while exploring opportunities abroad.

In pursuit of these goals, has concentrated on nurturing key partnerships with established platform providers who can help grow their customer base through education campaigns focusing on customer growth while emphasising product strategy and insights. Furthermore they have been able to leverage investor resources into sales & marketing teams dedicated to optimise conversion rates through SEO & SEM efforts and building an effective social media presence over multiple channels. With all these activities integrated into a single roadmap alongside feature roadmap enhancements and major product launches monitored by real-time data results, Apollo continues powering ahead towards global growth with purposeful determination.

Product Innovation

In July 2019, closed a Series Seed round with participation from strategic and financial investors including Salesforce Ventures. This gave access to capital and resources, allowing the team to focus on product innovation and growth over the next few months.

With its newfound capital, Apollo launched a series of products that addressed key challenges in sales recruitment, such as accurately curating high quality talent pools and engaging with passive candidates individually. Through these groundbreaking innovations, Apollo has gained an edge in today’s competitive market for sales recruitment services, evidenced by their rapid growth following the Series Seed funding round.

The company developed automated job review technologies and introduced Live Profiles – which allows recruiters to review candidates in real time – further streamlining the process of discovering top-tier candidates quickly and efficiently. In addition, by focusing on product innovation while simultaneously refining the customer success process, Apollo’s user base grew exponentially quickly.

As their portfolio continues to expand each month, there is no doubt that more interesting products are just around the corner for this budding recruiting startup.

Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition is a huge factor regarding why has experienced such rapid growth. Through well-executed marketing strategies and targeted advertising, the company has reached new audiences and positioned itself as the premier provider for its services. Additionally, partnerships with larger companies to offer their services in co-marketing grew the user base from within these corporations and helped boost visibility across industries. also raised $2 million in recent funding, enabling them to invest in more digital channels for user acquisition and reach further into untapped markets. This investment meant that digital marketing campaigns could be run more frequently within various search engines, increasing lead generation from organic sources and making sure that ads were being seen by customers globally. In addition, this strategy allowed them to launch campaigns across both traditional and emerging ad networks, giving their message a greater reach while getting placement on top websites that their target audience frequented often.

Not only has this shown an improvement in service quality through internal advancements and hiring key personnel, but also established Apollo’s brand presence through different mediums such as print media, television advertisements, radio spots and sponsored events. Additionally, the combination of a comprehensive approach including marketing strategies, customer onboarding plans and post launch measures all worked together to enable better customer acquisition results while allowing them retain their current user base as they continue to grow.

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