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Moka is a technology company based in Indonesia, providing a cloud-based platform to create digitalization solutions. The company has been active in the Indonesian market since 2016, gaining recognition and traction in local and international markets. Since then, Moka has closed three funding rounds, securing investments from leading venture capital firms and strategic investors. Through these funding rounds, the company functions to fuel its growth strategy and product development.

This article will overview Moka’s previous funding rounds since 2016. It will provide information on their amount of funds raised, investors involved and how this money was used for product development and growth strategies.

Moka Closes US$100M Series C Financing Round

Moka Technology secured its first round of funding from angel investors in 2018. This funding was used to develop and build a team to support their core product.

With the successful completion of this first round of funding, Moka was able to launch their product in the marketplace and start gaining traction.

Let’s look deeper at this first round of funding and what it meant for Moka.

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Investors Involved

Moka is proud to have had the support of investment from various notable investors over its multiple rounds of funding. The list includes venture capital firms, financial institutions, family offices, and crowdfunding investors.

Vertex Ventures led the first financing round with participation from Openspace Ventures and PMA Capital. This was closely followed by a Series A led by an institutional investor, Maybank Investment Bank Berhad. Subsequent funding rounds included participation from entrepreneurs and family offices such as Yasmin Nasiruddin, Founder of Instellar Corporation, Zulaikha Choonara, Principal at Pemandu Associates and Michael Randall & family office.

Regardless of size or type of contribution all our supporters have been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals and thrust us forward into the next phase. Through every round we are grateful to be able to bring together great minds in investing partnerships that could help bring Moka’s vision even further into reality.

Amount Raised

Moka is an AI-driven platform with artificial intelligence capabilities, providing convenience store operators with real-time insights from operations, sales and customer data. Since it’s founding in 2020, Moka has raised $63 million in 5 funding rounds.

The First Round of Funding was completed in December 2020 and was led by Evolution Media and Vickers Venture Partners. A total of $10 million was raised to accelerate the development and growth of the company. The goal of the investment was to accelerate product development and expand into new international markets.

In December 2019 Moka announced their Series A Round Of Funding totaling $21 million led by Insignia Ventures Partners. The funds helped Moka create its AI-driven platform and give the company access to new retail partners across Asia.

In February 2021 Moka raised a Series B round for $20 million led by muve Accelerator Fund followed by Series B+ totaling to $11 million in May 2021 from 500 Startups Japan. Moka closed their Series C round for $11 Million in August 2021, bringing total funding to $63 Million led by SPARX GOJIHOUND investments with additional investments from new investors – East Ventures Japan, GMO venture Partners and existing investors – Insignia Ventures Partner & Vickers Venture Partner.

Purpose of the Funds

Moka’s mission is to make money work for everyone. The funds raised are primarily used to develop innovative product features, attract top talent, expand into new markets, and support other investments. The amount of funding received in each round has varied depending on the specific initiative; in each case, the funding was used to unlock new opportunities or to accelerate development on existing plans.

The first round of funding enabled Moka to lay the foundation for a long-term roadmap by offering capital that could be put towards: team building, a user research process, audit & verification systems to ensure security & compliance requirements were met; and market expansion. This allowed us to launch our MVP and enabled us to welcome a host of new users onto the platform quickly and securely.

Subsequent rounds have focused on expanding Moka’s reach through product development and providing additional support for marketing campaigns. These funds have allowed Moka to expand their services into 10 countries and provided the ability to further develop more innovative financial products through technology-first solutions. The funds also enabled us create more streamlined ways for our members save money with automated options and guidance throughout their personal finance journey.

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Second Round of Funding

Moka, a tech startup, has recently received its second round of funding. This round of funding is a testament to the company’s commitment to its customers and drive to bring innovative products to the market.

This article will provide an overview of Moka’s previous funding rounds and discuss their impact on the company’s success.

Investors Involved

Moka’s previous funding rounds have been notable for the wide array of investors involved, ranging from venture capital firms to multinational corporations.

In December 2019, Moka closed a US$2.6 million seed funding round with international investors including SoftBank Ventures Asia, Mirae Asset Venture Investment (South Korea), and SPH Media Fund (Singapore). Several angel investors were involved as well. In April 2020, the company announced that Rajen Sheth, Google’s Director of Product Management had joined the investor list with his investment in Moka.

In October 2020, Moka announced that they had completed their Series A round of $10 million in financing led by Alpha JWC Ventures with participation from existing investors and new strategic partners including 500 TukTuks, Telkomsel Mitra Inovasi (TMI) and East Ventures. In addition, 500 Durian Fund also provided support for the round. This funds will be used to further develop its product offerings, expand partnerships and grow the team behind Moka Inc across Southeast Asia.

Amount Raised

Moka has completed two funding rounds, both led by undisclosed investors.

The first funding round was completed in October 2019 and gathered approximately $75 million. This enhanced their corporate structure for the following year’s investments.

The second round of funding occurred in April 2020 and raised $145 million from additional undisclosed investors. This capital was primarily used to propel the research and development initiatives they had set out with during the initial year of investments.

Additionally, both rounds allowed Moka to acquire more resources, expand their operations, and stay competitive in their industry space.

Purpose of the Funds

Moka completed its second round of funding in April 2020, raising $1.5 million to support its ongoing growth and product development. The funds were led by a private organization and participated by existing investors, bringing the total fundraising amount for Moka to $4.7 million.

The primary purpose of the funds is to help Moka expand its business into new markets, build new products and develop partnerships with potential customers. The funding will also be used to enhance R&D efforts and acquire needed resources such as machinery and equipment to facilitate the production of new products that are currently under development. By strategically utilizing the latest technology and innovation frameworks within its organizational system, Moka is looking forward to introducing cutting-edge products into various global and domestic markets.

These funds also play an instrumental role in assisting Moka in scaling up its sales and distribution processes for increasing long-term sales for upcoming years.

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Third Round of Funding

The third round of funding for Moka marks the most successful round the company has had to date. This round included investments from various investors, including venture capitalists, angel investors, and corporate investors. Raising a total of $25 million in this round, Moka is now well-equipped to go after its ambitious goals.

Let’s look at the details of this round of funding.

Investors Involved

Moka, a well-funded startup based in Los Angeles, has recently secured their third round of funding from many well-renowned investors. Andreessen Horowitz and Pelion Venture Partners and Teralytics led this latest funding. In addition to these key investors, Moka received additional support from 2020 Ventures, Drive Capital, Techstars Ventures, Genacast Ventures and Cortado Investments.

Moka’s previous rounds of funding were equally successful. They raised over $10 million in their seed round led by Pelion Venture Partners and Drive Capital. Following that success, they raised an additional $20 million in their Series A led by Andreessen Horowitz and Teralytics in 2019.

These investors have provided invaluable support to the company throughout the years — helping them to reach milestones such as launching their first app and expanding into major markets. As a result, Moka is now one of the most promising startups in its market thanks to the contributions of these investors who believe in its potential long-term success.

Amount Raised

Moka, a technology-based venture capital platform, has had three funding rounds. In its first round, the company raised an undisclosed amount as part of its seed round in 2016. In its second round, Moka secured USD 4 million in a Series A financing led by East Ventures and Kejora Capital that announced in January 2018. This was followed by a USD 17 million Series B raise later that year, led by Alpha JWC Ventures, XL Axiata Digital Ventures and MassMutual Ventures.

The latest funding round brings Moka’s total funds to more than USD 21 million since the platform’s launch. The investment is aimed at assisting with further development of Moka’s technology and enterprise solution capabilities to help drive financial inclusion across Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

This is also expected to increase Moka’s customer base and expand its existing customer solutions modules such as Payments (virtual accounts), Online Acquiring / merchant acceptance, Loyalty & Rewards and Credit Assessments & Management throughout the region.

Purpose of the Funds

Moka’s reinvestment policy in the business provided in-house capital to grow even further. With the third round of funding, Moka continued to strengthen its core technology product, expand its sales and marketing capability, grow its customer base, increase its international presence and add strategic staff.

This round allowed for Moka to invest heavily into advanced product development and user experience improvements and launch new enterprise-grade services to leverage our connections with customers on a larger scale. In addition, funds were allocated to support marketing campaigns worldwide and bolster PR activities to ensure maximum exposure.

Finally, funds went towards implementing strategic partnerships with key technology industry players to ensure customers had options when selecting Moka products or services.


In conclusion, Moka has had a successful series of funding rounds, helping to enhance its competitiveness in the Fintech space and promising further success. The company has established solid partnerships with renowned fintech firms, strengthened its technology platform and transformational capabilities, and released several products to expand its offering.

Moka plans to continue to make investments to remain agile while responding swiftly to the changing demands of customers worldwide. With this additional capital added through previous funding rounds and strategic partners, Moka is well positioned for future growth by creating more innovative solutions on its technology platform that can be used by various companies in their digital transformation journey.

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